Mount Reputation Grinding, Age of Crossdressing


Me and my wife LOVE old RPGs. I can’t count the amount of hours that we each played Baldur’s Gate (we didn’t even know each other at this point in out lives), or Neverwinter Nights. It’s no surprise then that we love Dragon Age. We believe that it is the best RPG to come out since Baldur’s Gate. Sadly we had to wait until last week to pickup the expansion pack, Awakenings. We each bought a copy of Dragon Age when it came out, but we just bought one of the expansion so I’m waiting until she finishes it to jump in and play.

Meanwhile I’ve got some time on my hands and I’m continuing to play World of Warcraft, and trying out some new and some old games. In WoW I’ve spent countless hours now running around and doing low level quests all over Azeroth. I now have Orgrimmar exalted and I’ve got wolf mounts!


I’ve also managed to get my Undercity rep up to exalted and I have Skeletal Horses as well! I’ve got some more rep grinding to do though. I’ve JUST gotten revered with Thunder Bluff (I’ll never ride another Kodo anyway) but I am halfway through revered with Silvermoon and Darkspear Trolls, so that is coming along nicely.

I decided, after visiting the Darkmoon Faire yesterday, to try and get all of Azeroth explored. Me being 68 now I wasn’t afraid of anything in Azeroth, so it was more about the time spent. To make it not so dull I decided to cap my XP (don’t want to get too far from my wife, she’ll kill me) and que up for BGs for some PVP fun! About an hour and a half later I realized why the que wasn’t popping. If you cap your XP you are put into a special Capped XP Twink bracket. At level 68 there was very little chance of anyone else capping their character, so I eventually gave up on that.

What got me through all this? Picture in Picture of a sort. Windows Media Center can pull in my Netflix or other internet video, so I made it small and put it as always on top in the top right corner. That is where my buffs go, and honestly I didn’t need to see them at the moment. I spent my time grinding/watching Star Trek The Original Series. I’m almost to season 2.

I also spent some time playing Age of Conan’s free endless trial. I’m kind of upset that I’m playing a plate/heavy armor wearing tank and so far I’ve got out of my cloth pirate look and only gotten into….this:


It’s fun to stay at the Y M C A

I know you generally look stupid as you level, and at least it’s matching, but when I pick a heavy armor wearing class I want to see SOMETHING resembling metal! I’m sure it’s just because Tortage is kind of a “generic” area and I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get out of cloth type armor until I make it out Tortage. I just really wish skirts weren’t all the rage.