SyFy-City of Heroes

Just typing the new name of the station makes me cringe. I guess it’s not really all surprising that since they changed their name from SciFi, meaning Science Fiction, to SyFy, meaning something they can copywrite, that they would also begin to change the type of programming they offer.

Where once they brought us shows such as Battlestar Gallactica and other nerd goodness, now SyFy will be airing a cooking show and wrestling. Not Science Fiction wrestling either, though the storylines are just as out there.

It makes me sad to see one of the only television stations focused on Dorkdom to change and conform to the masses. Oh well, I guess we’ll always have…hmm…

On another note Issue 17 for City of Heroes/Villains is out, and with it the long awaited graphical upgrades! I created a new trial account and logged in to experience the wonder, and I was drastically underwhelmed. First of all it doesn’t look like they’ve upgraded the character models at all. The water is a lot better and the reflection is great. The shadows are better but not amazing. The problem is that I can’t run the dang thing with Ultra Mode on, even with the Ultra Mode setting set to medium-low, the game chugs badly.

From the info on the forums Issue 17 has caused a lot of problems for people, even if they have Ultra Mode off and all the settings are on low. Looks like I’ll have to give it another few weeks at least before I give it another shot.

Disassembled: A Review in Pieces – Champions Online 2

Welcome to the second review in pieces. Today I will be reviewing Champions Online levels 6-10. Will the review be better or worse as you ascend the ranks in Cryptic’s second Superhero MMO? Find out after the jump.


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Disassembled: A Review in Pieces – Champions Online

Welcome to the first of many reviews in pieces. The basic premise here is that I am going to be taking a game, most often an MMO, and reviewing it as I go. You will follow me through my reviews, around ten levels at a time depending on the game, and at the end I will condense it all into one final review.

For the first issue of Disassembled we are going to be reviewing levels 1-5 of Champions Online with levels 6-10 coming tomorrow. If you have been following the blog you might have noticed that we already did a comparison between Champions Online and City of Heroes. I thought about continuing the comparison through the levels, in five level increments, but I realized that the core things that separate the two games wasn’t going to change that quickly. Instead I came up with this. Let’s hit the jump and get into this review of Champions Online: Levels    1-5.

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Comparing Champions Online to City of Heroes

I recently downloaded the demo for Champions Online and the trial for City of Heroes. I call what Champions Online offers a demo because it is ONLY the tutorial area. That is levels 1-5, with the ability to get to level 15 (or so I have heard) by grinding level 2 aliens.

City of Heroes offers a more traditional MMO trial. It lasts 14 days and as far as I know has no level restrictions. The usual deal applies here, so you won’t be whispering anyone, trading or talking in general chat for the most part, but those aren’t really necessary to decide if you want to pick up a game, at least not right away.

Let’s get the age difference out of the way first. City of Heroes is showing it’s age. The graphics aren’t terrible by any means, but when compared to Champions Online it looks dated.

That is if you like the graphic style of Champions Online at all. The cell shading is a huge point of contention with fans of the two games, though I can’t really see why. I don’t know how people can be fans of comic books enough to want to play a super hero game, and yet not like the cartoony look. Then again maybe they are fans of super hero movies.

Pictures after the jump.

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