Fallen Earth Armor Pictures


There really isn’t a good repository of photo’s for Fallen Earth armor, and as there is no in game dressing room it’s impossible to know what something will look like until you equip it. As such I spent the rest of my trial account time running around and making all of the low level armor in the game that I could find. This should be most items in the ____ 1 category such as Shoes 1, Torso 1 etc. Due to level limitations I wasn’t able to craft everything from all the level 1 books, only up to skill level 45.

Here is the link to my Flickr page, where they will be kept for now. I ask that you please link to this post, and not directly to the Flickr page, as it helps generate traffic. Enjoy the pictures, I know they are dark and not the best, but if you’ve got better, or armor pieces I don’t have pictures of, let me know in the comments and we can get those posted.

This represents untold hours of material farming, crafting and picture taking, not to mention leveling to up my skill caps. Please respect that and do not republish these pictures elsewhere as your own.