Robin: Cooler than you think

Robin #141

Above: Robin.

Ever since the reboot of the Batman movie franchise with Batman Begins there has only been one opinion on a Robin making an appearance. “No”, “not a chance”, and sometimes “Robin is teh gey!” can be heard if you bring up the subject. I personally love robin, and I would love to see him in the Batman movies.

This post is more concerned about Batman: Arkham Asylum 2, as it is rumored that Robin will be in the game, possibly as a form of co-op. I think this is an excellent idea, but I am already seeing people screaming about it, talking about how it will ruin the series, etc. I think I may have figured out WHY so many people are against Robin in the movies and the games.

First off these usually aren’t comic book fans, they are fans of the game/movies. That’s fine, but Robin hasn’t been in the new games OR the new movies, so why is everyone so against him? Because of the old series, and the rapid descent in quality once Batman and Robin came out.

We as a culture have all but forgotten the old Batman movies, or at least those last two, except for one thing, Chris O’Donnell’s Robin. Why has this terrible failure stuck with the public and tainted their view of Robin? Of course the old television show didn’t do anything to make Robin respectable.

He’s not just some kid spouting stupid lines or saying ‘holy’ anything. He is a dark (though not as dark as Batman), brooding child who’s life has been shattered. He is taken in by an insane man who spends his nights first beating the snot out of this kid, then having him go after drug dealers, gun runners and worse. He breaks bones, he has thrown batarangs INTO flesh, and he has at one point or another been the leader of at least three successful super teams, and all of this is just the Dick Grayson Robin.

Robin is a lot more hardcore than most people assume having just watched the old T.V. show or those two terrible movies. Give him a chance and enjoy breaking the faces of enemies twice as tall as you. Also, if they make him play like robin SHOULD, it will be a nice change to switch from strong, slow Batman to flipping, quick and brutal Robin.

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