A Fond Farewell

Yes it’s true, I am officially closing this blog down. It’s been around for over a year now and it’s gone from very active to no activity as my free time and interest fluctuated. This blog was never meant to be anything more than a place to ramble on and rant about things I don’t fully understand, and I’ve realized that I don’t need to publish those inane ramblings to the internet. In fact, I doubt my reader numbers will change at all with the switch to just ranting to my wife about my video game gripes.

To anyone who finds this blog years from now, understand that I have never known what the hell I was talking about. These are all uninformed, ignorant but therapeutic ramblings. I don’t consider myself an expert, or more than mildly informed on any topic really, but especially the video games industry. To those few of you who have followed me, I’m still on twitter @amuntoth. To those who have commented over the years, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Those comments, positive and negative (by FAR mostly negative, ahh the internet) have been a boon to my life. Feedback on my work, whether I put time into that work or not, is always welcome and truly appreciated.

Again, thank you all and to those of you that I have interacted with on this blog, say hi on Twitter every now and then 🙂




Deepwood–Rift Server

I’ve officially chosen the server Deepwood, a PVE server. Since all of the servers are FULL, and the wait for Wolfsbane is six hours, and the fact that even if I wait and finally get in I probably won’t be able to quest for several days due to so many people, I just went with Deepwood, a server that will probably have a medium pop when the big rush is over with.

I’ll post my character name when the que finally ends.

Activision teabags Infinity Ward Execs


According to Kotaku, Activision, parent company of Infinity Ward, has fired the two top executives of the Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward. According to Activision in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission “The Company is concluding an internal human resources inquiry into breaches of contract and insubordination by two senior employees at Infinity Ward”.

This comes after rumors of tensions between IW and Activision over the direction of the Call of Duty franchise. Apparently Activision wanted a new Modern Warfare 2 every year, while Infinity Ward wanted to branch out and possibly try something set in the future.

After reading all of this I have a little scenario playing in my head, allow me to show you as best I can (I need to find an artist).

Activision: We’re going to need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday. In fact, make that all Saturdays. We’re gonna need a new Modern Warfare every year until, like Guitar Hero, no one cares about the franchise anymore.

IW: Yeah, umm, we were already starting to make this really awesome game set in the future. It’s going to revolutionize the

Activision: Did you just SPEAK!? Monkey works! Monkey doesn’t SPEAK!

IW: Look, we just think it’s lame to do the same game every year with a new gun/song…


IW: That was from the good Transformers movie, and we don’t have any of those.

Activision: Then you two are fired, you’re janitors right? Screw it, doesn’t matter. Pack your shit, we’ll use your offices to store our extra money.

Activision Security

Sony blames Y2K10?


Sony’s Playstation Network has been having some serious issues lately. From apparent data errors and glitches preventing people from obtaining trophies and other achievements to flat out blue screen errors.

It took over 24 hours to resolve a problem that preventing hundreds from even playing their Playstation 3 systems, and during that time frame Sony apparently recommended not playing at all, even if everything appeared to be fine on your system.

According to a story published in PCWorld.com Sony blamed the Y2K bug. Apparently the PS3 consoles thought that 2010 was a leap year and tried to change the date to February 29th instead of March 1st.

To keep this straight, the Playstation 3 came out, according to Wikipedia, in 2006. That’s six years after 2000 and the time of the Y2K scare. Who programmed their calendar and when was it programmed? 1999?

Well, it’s a good day to not be a console gamer. I’ll continue playing on my PC, where Windows will randomly crash or I’ll have to reformat my hardrive, but I can always reboot or reinstall. Try reinstalling your console operating system and let me know how that goes.

Welcome to Manifest Pixel!

Welcome everyone!

This being the first post there is not much content as yet but that will soon be rectified! This blog will contain my opinions on video games, the state of gaming, my adventures in many different MMOs and my Let’s Play, starting with my new Everquest II Let’s Play that will be up later today.

Come back soon and thanks for visiting!