Rift Beta–Stuff I Didn’t Like Edition


The best looking humans in any MMO I’ve played.

So here we are, my second rundown of the Rift beta 3, and this time it’s all about things I didn’t like, or things that worry me because I don’t know anything about them. Here we go.

The Bad:

Kill stealing. Rift takes mob tagging back to the basics. The person or group with the most damage on a monster when it dies gets to loot it/get xp. I’ve never liked this type of loot system because it can lead to some serious griefing. Imagine going around questing, and instead of someone corpse camping you they just follow you and anything you attack they one shot, preventing you from getting XP or loot. There are a few reasons I can think of to have a system like this, such as rare boss spawns like in Final Fantasy XI, where guilds would camp these open world spots for hours or days hoping to get some rare loot. Can you imagine having one asshole tag it before you can? Oh I’d be pissed off. Is Rift going to be a open world, non-instance dungeon game? I hope not, but I’d be able to deal with it.

1, 2, 3 combat. I’m generally OK with this style of combat, so it’s not exactly a massive negative. On the other hand would I have liked to see something new? Perhaps, but it might have gotten old after a while, and it might be a blessing in disguise that Rift went with something familiar. Then again this will drive off a lot of people who seem to be in a rage over this system, so there’s that.

You’ll need a high end computer if you want to run it on max. Trust me, it looks unbelievable on maximum settings, but you’re probably going to need to upgrade your “WoW Killing Machine” if you want to see all the pretty pretty lights. Is this a negative? For some. In fact, until I upgrade my graphics card it’s a pretty sad negative for me. Hopefully I’ll upgrade when I buy the game, and really get to enjoy the amazing graphics this game is capable of.

The soul system for classes could get REALLY confusing. How so? Well first of all you have the ability to pick three classes, and then you must split your talent points between these three trees. Is it best to pump them into one tree like in WoW? That kinda kills the customization of choosing your second and third soul. So what’s going to make a good spec? More importantly, what is going to gimp the shit out of your character? How many people will quit halfway to endgame because every fight is SO DAMNED HARD, when it’s only because they’ve severely gimped their character. Add to this the fact that PVP is going to be insane. Imagine only seeing one of four classes when you attack someone. Now imagine that this means they are any one of hundreds or thousands of combinations/specs that could completely change the way you need to go about attacking them. This could be fun at first, but if it means you’re never going to be able to have high level strategy against enemies because you never know what the hell you’ll be facing, well that could seriously hurt the game.

This part isn’t really the developers fault, but I eventually had to leave general chat because it was almost as bad as WoW’s Trade chat. People spent hours slinging racial slurs, making foul ass comments or just bashing the game for being an MMORPG (How DARE they include 1,2,3 combat! And leveling! who wants leveling? Or stats? It’s all recycled!).

The Nervous:

What is the focus of Rift’s end game? Is it itemization ala WoW? Dungeons and raids? PVP? At this point I really don’t know, and if it is PvP then will the massive amount of classes and spells cause more frustration that fun, ala end game Warhammer or Aion?

What about late game? All I’ve seen so far is level 20 and below. Will the great quests crap out halfway through like Age of Conan? Will there even be ANY end game content? Will we be forced to grind for weeks to get the last few levels?

There are only two starting areas. This is seriously going to be a problem for alt-aholics like myself. Sure, it may be great the first or second time, but I’d be willing to bet that by the 20th time I’ve gone through the level 1-10 quests I’ll be giving up any idea of rolling a new character. At least games like WoW, Warhammer and Everquest II give us plenty of starting areas to explore. Sadly, no matter what race you pick, you’ve only got the one starting area per faction. I’m sure they did it this way so that they could make it as fun and polished as possible, sacrificing options for polish, which is acceptable for now. Let’s hope the first expansion adds some new starting areas for us level loving alt-aholics.


The game does have a sense of humor. I got this squirrel tear for slaughtering an innocent level 1 critter, as I am want to do. This made me smile.

Well that’s my list of things that either worry me about Rift, or are downright crap. Let’s be clear here though, nothing on this list even makes me think about NOT buying Rift. I went from not even kind of excited or interested in Rift to blown away and eager to experience more in just a very short week. Stay tuned for more information on the game as I (hopefully) get accepted into further betas, and after the game comes out. Did I touch on the things you disliked about the beta? Did I miss something or flatout get something wrong? Let me know in the comments.

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6 Comments on “Rift Beta–Stuff I Didn’t Like Edition”

  1. Randomessa Says:

    I’m with you on these, especially the mob tagging, PvP balance, alt-killing limited starting zones, and game focus as a whole (although from Rift Podcast’s recent Trion office visit, dungeons and raids seem to be the endgame focus thus far).

    Following beta 3 I am quite concerned about how world PvP will be handled, since I will be playing a healer and apparently I run the risk of accidentally healing someone flagged, then spending the next half-hour being camped on the res-pad.

    I don’t so much mind the 1-2-3 combat, while recognizing that some people are just sick of it and want something else entirely. Then again, upcoming games like DCUO and GW2 are lambasted for seeming too console-heavy, so who knows; you can’t make everyone happy.

    I, too, went from not very interested in Rift to “must know more and they would have to screw things up quite a lot for me not to buy this” in three betas’ time, so it was great reading your very reasonable impressions!

    • amuntoth Says:

      First off I just want to thank you for the comment, it’s always nice to get some 🙂

      Second, sadly I’ve only played in the last beta, and I wasn’t able to play with my wife like I usually play MMOs, but from what we both experienced it was a great game and we’re excited to check it out when it comes out (unless I get lucky with another beta invite).

      As far as healing someone flagged and becoming flagged yourself, that’s how it’s worked on most of the PvE servers I’ve seen, so while it sucks sometimes I think I’m used to it enough that it wont bother me. What will bother me is the potentially awful class balance, and with the ability to “respec” your souls, could there eventually be only four or five “classes” once the theorycrafters figure out the perfect builds?

      Still, I can’t wait to play more.

  2. Hopefully, issues like kill stealing and mob tagging will be ironed out at release, or if not, soon after release when the game population stabilizes out to more normal levels. I had a hell of a time trying to quest because of overcrowding in the first beta, but I suppose that’s always a problem with these huge events. Most fixes only need to be temporary, I guess.

    And personally, I sunk most of my points into one tree. There weren’t enough points to really branch out, imo, though I hear the devs are thinking of adjusting to give us more. I also found that putting points into other trees was sort of redundant…after all, I really only need one main nuking ability, and certainly no more than two, but many of these trees will give you early abilities that sort of overlap each other in purpose (I think as a mage, I ended up with three different kinds of bolts) So that’s another reason why I just focused on one.

    • amuntoth Says:

      Yeah, we’ve still got a while before the release of the game, so I know they are bound to fix many of the problems I’ve seen. I thought about sinking most of my points into one tree, but ended up going to two. I picked one tree just for a pet, then pumped points into the other two. Sure I had some redundant spells, but eventually I got some really unique ones.

      I’d be interested to see your take on the negatives of Rift.

  3. Visout Says:

    It is nice to see my same concerns are in the opinions of others. I was rolling in the Beta4 this weekend and doing some quests that require you to summon a menacing demon of sorts while within a Rift area, then to strip the dead carcass of its power to gain a new soul. The problem was that a few times (there are multiples of these quests… each exactly the same as the other) another player tagged the mob before I was able to because it sat there non-responsive for a few seconds. This means I did not get credit for the kill and was unable to select and strip the body.

    This “Creidt for kill” tagging system is a major concern of mine, mainly due to my want for playing solo while doing PvE. If I am unable to get credit for kills during Rfits and invasions because another player has laid down AoE’s under all of the spawn poiunts, it will ruin my fun.

    Each Rift is exactly the same as the last. The mobs that appear may have a different little quirk, but it is always “Kill the guys that pop up in each stage, okay… now kill the boss.” This becoems ever more irksome during the large World Events where it is 1 to 2 hours of destroying more Rifts… the same thing I’d just done for the last 2 hours of gameplay. Only now I don’t even have the choise of playing normally. What if I only had 1 hour to play and I wanted to do some questing?

    PvP “warfronts” are a “Nervous” point for me. The 10-19 players only had one game type and map to play over and over. These players do not have access to the RvR type large open pvp areas yet… however there are some really good pvp rewards that can be bought for low levels. Once you reachinto the next tier, 20-29 the old game type and map were still available and a new one was added. This shows a glimmer of hope! This means that at end game there will be multiple queues to join. This also means that they are all quques you’ve joined and played 1,000 times prior.

    Bag space was easy to come by, mounts are fast, the class system is robust, and the graphics are decent and have a lot of settings which makes the game accessible to a wider audience. But this post is about negatives, and frankly, I can’t think of many more positives.

    • amuntoth Says:

      I’m not surprised they only have one new Warfront for each bracket, as they probably don’t want to spread their player base too thin too quickly. My biggest problem with Warfronts is being useless for levels 10-15, 20-25 etc. The Rifts would get old if that’s all you are doing, but from what I understand the size and frequency of the Rifts is determined by the amount of players in the zone, so after beta/early launch things should calm down a bit and be a bit easier to deal with, which is a good thing.

      As for your soul mission, I discovered that you just need the jewel thing from the rift, then you may go off anywhere that’s quiet and alone and summon the ghost, kill him and drain his soul at your pleasure.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment. I’ll be posting the things I liked about Beta 4 later today most likely.

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