Facebook Games: Fecal Matter Gaming

Some of you may remember my earlier post about Progress Wars, a spoof game designed to poke fun at games like Mafia Wars. The idea behind the ‘game’ is that you just keep pressing the “perform mission” button until the bar fills, then it advances your level and you do it again, and again, and again.


I had hoped that developers would see this, get a good laugh and start thinking about how they can make their games better. Instead it looks like the guys that make Assassin’s Creed saw the ‘game’ and decided making a clone of it would make for an amazing game. Enter: Assassin’s Creed: Project Legacy:


While the two may not look the same at first glance the gameplay couldn’t be more similar. In Project Legacy you will select a memory to work on, and once you complete it new memories will open up for play. But when you actually select a memory, it will give you a small paragraph of information and background, and then you will click the “execute” button until the bar is full. Congratulations! You have just finished the memory.

Sure they tried to make it more interesting by giving you XP to level up, and money to buy items. Some memories can’t be completed until you buy an item or a soldier or what have you. None of this matters though when you consider the fact that the only “gameplay” in this game is clicking execute until the bar fills or you run out of AP, which will regenerate over time.

I hope they paid Jakob Skjerning, the creator of Progress Wars, a royalty of some kind.

In short: Good God why isn’t there a law requiring people who make games like this to get punched in the face?

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4 Comments on “Facebook Games: Fecal Matter Gaming”

  1. Jakob S Says:

    Hm, wonder if I should have applied for a patent or something…

    That said, I can’t fault them for following the same recipe. Even a “game” as dumb as Progress Wars has proven successful and addictive. People are hitting levels in the 100s, without cheating.

    • amuntoth Says:

      Heck, the way the patent system is working you probably could have got it, then turned around and sued any game that had a progress bar in it and become rich 🙂

      I didn’t know that about Progress Wars, the people taking it seriously and getting into the 100s. That just seems…crazy to me. Did you ever find a way to monetize it?

      • Jakob S Says:

        Crazy is a pretty apt description.

        As for monetizing, I briefly thought about it, but ultimately decided against it. Progress Wars was a joke, involving money would’ve taken that away from it.

        Besides, I had already spent way more time than I wanted to on it, so I never got around to implementing my “pay for an hour of automatic play” feature.

  2. amuntoth Says:

    Haha it’s funny and sad because if you HAD implemented a “pay for automatic play” option it probably would have been extremely popular.

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