You may be wondering why I’m not posting much, or you may have just deleted this blog from your feed for innactivity. Let’s hope that it’s the first one.

The simple truth is that for the most part I am only playing World of Warcraft. Sure there are some other games thrown in there, mostly single player with a few free to play MMOs, but the majority of my time is spent in WoW and let’s be honest, there are millions of WoW blogs out there.

I have made a LOT of progress since my last WoW update and Amuroth has really come a long way since he started out as a little level 1 nublet.


Amuroth in his offspec, Retribution PVP gear.

My main spec is Protection, and I’m already pretty geared. I’ve bought petty much everything I want from Badges of Triumph, so I’m pretty much stuck with raiding in order to progress. That’s not a terrible thing, it’s just much harder to find raid groups than it is to find heroic groups.


Amuroth in his Prot gear. The mace is from Forge of Souls, a 5 man instance that unlocks Pit of Saron, and then Halls of Reflection. It’s a story heavy dungeon chain and a lot of fun. The shield is from my first successful Naxxramas run.

Technically, according to WoW-Heroes, I am almost geared enough to tank 25 man Ulduar, so I’m decently overgeared for Naxx. The problem is that, whenever me and the wife find a group willing to do Naxx, they assume that because they are overgeared it’s going to be a cakewalk and no one takes it seriously. This results in several wipes and the raid quitting after two or three bosses.

Last night however we were in 10 man Naxx for close to 5 hours with a mostly guild group. It was a lot of fun. I ended up offtanking as we had a bear tank that was slightly more geared than me, and that was an interesting experience. I think it might be harder to offtank than to main tank, as main tanking generally only involves grabbing a boss and holding it. The offtank runs around like a chicken with it’s head cut off gathering adds and protecting the healers.

We ended up clearing most of Naxx including the Construct Quarter, Arachnid Quarter, most of the Plague Quarter and then Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad himself. He skipped Loatheb as it took us several attempts to get through the Heigan dance and it was getting late. That is when we decided to head straight for Sapphiron and KT.

Sapphiron wiped us the first time, as did KT, but we got both of them on the second try. Often throughout the raid I found myself the only person other than the tank alive on a boss, so I’d be healing my Prot specced butt off and it allowed us to succeed once, and pretty much just stalled the inevitable the rest of the time. Sadly the gear that dropped was WELL below the gear we had, so few people got any upgrades.

I’m looking forward to starting up my own raid group to work our way through Naxx, Eye of Eternity, VOA, Onyxia, Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader and eventually, hopefully before Cataclysm comes out, Icecrown Citadel.

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2 Comments on “Naxxramas”

  1. Dang, Paladin armour always looks so much cooler than Warrior gear 😛 I’m also so gonna switch to a Blood Elf War when Cataclysm comes out!

    • amuntoth Says:

      I can’t stand the Blood Elves actually. I think it’s because my sever after Burning Crusade was 60% Blood Elves, not to mention the rest of the Horde, and I was Alliance on a PVP realm. It was….not fun. That laugh makes me want to punch myself. But yeah, the Paladin armor can look great, though in Burning Crusade it was often very…flambouyant.

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