Forum Fail – Blizzard and the People


Blizzard recently announced, and then retracted, their decision to make RealID (I.E. showing your real, full name for your account, to everyone) part of the forums. There were over 2000 posts about how horrible this was and how it would ruin peoples gaming experience. My opinion is slightly different than most.

You see, I am completely for RealID on the forums, and everywhere on the internet really. We all know that the reason the WoW forums and almost the entire internet is trollish and useless is because of anonymity. You give people the ability to do and say whatever they want without any consequences or even potential consequences and they will, 99% of the time, do terrible things.

I know why people are crying out against it, and there are three reasons.

1) They like to troll. This is probably in the majority. Sure they are posting on their level 80 mains about privacy, but it’s their level 1  trolling that is compelling them to do it.

2) Right to Privacy. This one is complete trash. If you are on your own web page, then sure you have a reasonable right to privacy. If you are on a public forum, just like being in a public place, you have given up your reasonable right to privacy.

3) The Danger. People have been railing against this because if people know your real name they will hunt you down and kill you. This is utterly retarded. Plenty of people know my real full name. Most of the people I work with, most of the people I go to school with, dozens of ex-friends and ex-girlfriends, half of the people my parents know, etc. I’m not worried about any of them tracking me down and killing me, and many of them live in or around the town I am in, not halfway around the world. You know WHY I’m not worried about them trying to kill me? A few simple reasons really.

1) Murder is a crime and most people do not want to go to jail.

2) It is a lot of effort to go through and if they are that insane AND dedicated they will soon rule the world.

3) I am a nice guy. I don’t call people asstards for no apparent reason and, while at parties, I don’t jump into conversations and just call everyone douches, throw my drink at people and then run around naked.

Having my real name on the internet, or on the WoW forums, does not exponentially increase my chances of dying. Might someone die because of it? Only in the since that people die because SOMEONE built a road that he was walking on when someone mugged and killed him.

I do however understand peoples complaints that it wasn’t always a requirement, and that to require it now is wrong, since many people are addicted at this point and would keep playing even if they didn’t like the rule. I just hope that they make this mandatory for their next MMO, and for ALL MMOs in the future. I was to see [CharacterName][RealLifeName] says “….” in chat from now on. Make people deal with the things they say and do.

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2 Comments on “Forum Fail – Blizzard and the People”

  1. Hunter Says:

    I don’t think you could be generalizing or misrepresenting the arguments against realID any further really.

    The majority of people like to troll?

    People don’t have any right to privacy on a public forum? Maybe maybe not. But it is polite to provide that service to customers, paying customers, especially when it is a concern for them.

    Some people may be irrationally afraid of the risks involved, but there are risks. People get harassed, insulted, stalked, humiliated and abused on the internet every day *without* their real names being involved. What happens when someone makes the mistake of posting on those forums with their real name?

    I’d also like to point out that posting with your real name does not automatically make you a nice person. It does not magically mean you will treat people with respect. You will not suddenly become accountable just because some random name like John Smith pops up on a forum. 14 year old kids spouting filth on the forums do not care about their names being googled. Jerks will be jerks.

    one more thing is that as penny arcade mentioned, when john smith comes home from work he doesn’t want to be john smith anymore. he wants to leave that behind. he wants to be skull assassin. he wants to assassinate skulls. removing level after level of anonymity sort of screws with that.

    • amuntoth Says:

      First off hello and thank you for your comment.

      Second you seem to question my statement that most people like to troll, and then talk about how people get harassed and insulted every day. That IS trolling. It may also have been a mistake, as it looks like you might have put that there as a placeholder to make a point and then just forgot.

      Second, yes, if ONE person posted on the forums with their real name it would end badly. If EVERYONE did it wouldn’t lend itself to any harassing after all, we have laws against that kind of thing. It is also a lot easier for the police to track down Steve Smith than it is to track down SkullAssassin.

      As far as people still being terrible people that will happen, but they will be more accountable to not only Blizzard, but to the community. Someone can’t be well respected on their main, but get onto a level 1 alt and call someone racist names or just grief them and STAY respected if everyone knows exactly who it is.

      Imagine an ignore button on the WoW forums. With one push you could ignore that person and ALL of their alts AND other accounts. Imagine them getting banned and THEM getting banned, not their account or their email address, but that person.

      As far as the Penny Arcade stuff, they do have a point, however that person can be SkullAssassin [John Smith] and I do not think that would take him out of his immersion. Look at the true form of Roleplaying, D&D. In that game EVERYONE knows your real name and they can see you in the flesh, but you immerse yourself in the character you are playing. Same deal I think.

      Thanks again for the post.

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