Modern Warfare 2: Fail Server

I am officially done playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as of last night. It started out like any other, I made level 50 and was just having fun getting achievements and enjoying the fact that I was improving in the game after a very long time playing it.

Then I noticed that I was suddenly level 70 and had all of the achievements. Did I just enter into a state of perfect gaming and WTFPWN everyone until it happened without me even noticing? No. What happened was that apparently one of the servers I was on was a hack server, and it boosted me up like that. The only hack server I knew I was on told me as I loaded in, and I loaded back out immediately, so I don’t think it was that one.

Anyway, since you can’t really put in a ticket, and this seems to be a huge problem, the only way to fix it is to delete my character data from steam and start over at level 1, without access to any of the guns or abilities I had unlocked over the months of playing.

In short, some terrible person effectively ended my enjoyment of the game, all thanks to Modern Warfare 2 not using any dedicated servers. Instead it picks a person to host the server out of everyone in the match, and if that person is running hacks, then everyone who joined (without knowing mind you) gets screwed.

Maybe I’ll finally get Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


  1. Yup, BC2 kicks ass. I’ve been unlucky the past 2 nights to come across totally unbalanced teams but it’s a lot more interesting and varied than Modern Warfare 2.

    Just give it a go as it’s a very different game.

  2. Did he have to put up his real name to host the server?

    Would it have made any difference if he had?

    • He did not, however if when I joined the server it said “welcome to Steve Smiths server” and his handle was Whatev3r@Steve_Smith” then punishment would be a lot easier to give, whether it be official Infinity Ward bans or the community simply booting known “hackers” whenever they come around. As it is people are able to change their handle if their name gets too bad.

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