EVE Online: Tyrannis. Damn You Steam!


Steam is having a crazy sale today only. Sure they’ve been having a nice summer sale, but this goes far and beyound what I’ve seen anywhere else. For instance I just purchased EVE Online: Tyrannis edition for $1.99. That includes the full game, expansion and a full month of game time.

I’ve been thinking about picking up EVE and really trying to push into it for a while. To do so I’ll need to join a Corporation (most likely the newb one, University (I think it’s called)), and put in some social networking time in order to really get into what makes EVE Online so enjoyable.

I just wanted to let everyone know about this amazing sale. They have other games for sale like this, but if you’ve ever wanted to play EVE Online now is the time to try it. I’ll be sure to post my opinions on it as they come in. I’m a little busy this weekend, but I plan to at least make my character and get him started on some training…once I figure out what I want to do with him.


  1. Yep, damn you Steam. I keep telling myself I won’t fall for your charming prices but you always do this to me! This time, it was The Witcher, and then I also picked up Tropico 3.

    $1.99 is an unbelievably good price for EVE.

  2. I think you’re talking about EVE University, which is a player run corporation that specializes in teaching EVE to new (or newish players). http://www.eve-ivy.com/

    Before you sign up with them, I’d suggest going through all of the tutorial missions at the start of the game. Just to get yourself familiar with the basics.

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