Dungeons Galore!

Just letting everyone know why I haven’t updated in a few days. I’m off for summer vacation and me and the wife have been playing nothing but WoW for the last four or five days. We’ve managed to get to level 60 without much questing (we did a little once we hit 58 to get some Outlands gear) and we’re very excited. We decided to quest until level 61 to get one more level under out belts before we try pug Stratholme.

I’m personally excited to get to level 62 and head into our first Outland instance with the random dungeon finder. We were upset when we reached level 58 and realized we could no longer que for random classic dungeons, only for outland. Now we are picking each individual dungeon because we want to finish all of the old world dungeons before we get too high to do them at the right level range.

You’ll hear more from me soon, once I have a second to relax and take a breath.

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