Advanced Class System…Ugh


You have to understand that I am a pessimist. That said I will get almost every new MMO and at least give it an initial chance. With all of that out of the way I have to say that The Old Republic earned it’s first red mark for me.

Bioware announced the Advanced Class sytem, but other than this page I haven’t seen any more information. Some people, namely MMO Gamer Chick are excited about the new announcement. For me it has literally called into question whether I will enjoy the game.

Many games have tried this already, if it truly is what I fear. You will pick a class, such as “Scout”, and at level 10-ish you will be able to go the equivalent of “Ranged Ranger” or “Melee Assassin”. I hate this style of class system. That means that the first tem levels of two separate classes play exactly the same, and it seriously hinders my enjoyment of rolling alts, or even trying out a bunch of classes when I first start to see what is for me.

I really hope I am wrong here, and that it’s going to be a high level thing, but even then, unless they still play almost the exact same, or you can “respec”, then it’s going to just be dragging out the time you are exactly like another class.

I have never understand why games do this, other than running out of time and mashing together classes in the early ten levels. Ten of the most important levels to get players hooked on your game by the way.

But who knows? Maybe Bioware will surprise me and it’ll be a level 2 choice. Probably not though.

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3 Comments on “Advanced Class System…Ugh”

  1. I know what you mean and I utterly loathe any sort of archetype class system (I hated it in EQ2 before they ditched it) but, for some reason, I’m not so bothered about this AA system in TOR. Maybe it’s do the way they’ve classified it and how – hopefully – we’ll be able to respec between trees if we change our mind.

    • Amuntoth Says:

      The ability to “respec” might make it a bit more acceptable, but then it becomes like WoWs talent system. That’s not a bad thing, but I have to wonder why it would be announced as a big deal if it was just the same old same old. Is it because of the “Generic” tree?

      I guess we’ll have to see. I guess if, with this AA system, you could spec a character from a “Hunter” to a “Rogue” and respec at anytime, that would be pretty interesting.

      If it’s just DPS or Tanking, or DPS or Healing like WoW, I just don’t see why they would make a big deal out of it.

      • It will be interesting to see how it pans out but it could just the media hype machine in full swing for what is essentially a 4-branch Talent tree system. I kinda hope it’s that way because then the classes will be nice and flexible and, like you said, you won’t be stuck playing generic classes for 20 levels everytime you want to play a new one.

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