God! This Group is Pants!


Epic Wailing Caverns Walk

Me and the wife are level 37 now and shooting through the levels when we have the time to play. We are still grouping constantly, and as soon as we que we get pulled in. In fact I don’t think we’ve done anything BUT instances since level 15, except for a couple class quests. Usually when we find a group of good DPS (you would be surprised at how much some DPS can fail!) we tend to stick with them and I’m sure they love it just as much as we do. We found a group of 2 mages and 1 Warlock, all friends, and we AOE pulled instances and finished about 6 or 7 instances in about an hour.

Then there are those times when we get bad groups. This is bound to happen and I usually think nothing of it. Depending on how bad it is we will just stick in out, then politely leave group and que up without them. So far there has only been one time that we downright left a group. It was a bad start, with people being stupid and pulling things and expecting me to rip it off of them. Of course I did, but I was tempted not to. You spank it you tank it I always say. Then I tank it. Well we had a hunter with us from Ragnaros (Latin American server) who didn’t bring a pet. He asked early on if he could tame the big turtle boss in the beginning of the instance (This is Blackfathom Deeps). No one said anything so I said he could, and that we’d redo the instance immediately so that we wouldn’t lose loot.

We get to the boss, clear the trash, my wife bubbles the hunter and he sets down a trap, while I get ready to taunt if need be. He starts taming, get’s to 2 seconds left and the druid and mage with us attack the boss. The druid says something to the effect of “LoL noob, we’re not wasting a boss”. Me and the wife left immediately. We both wished that we could invite the hunter to another group, and regretted not just kicking the offending players, but we were furious. You don’t do things like that.

I do want to talk about the Latin American servers for a bit now. First off this has nothing to do with race, and I would guess nothing to do with a language barrier. My first question is: When did WoW come out on Latin American servers? Was it relatively recently? I ask because an overwhelming percentage of players that I get from Ragnaros and Quel’Thalas seem to not understand the fundamentals of the game. I would love to help them out, but that is where the language barrier comes in.

We had one group where the mage stabbed things with her dagger the entire time. Another group found a Quel’Thalas hunter dressed in cloth, all +int gear. We’ve had a hunter melee the entire time (almost) with a staff. At one point we had a mage who liked to gather up four or five mobs while I was tanking three or four, then bring them back like a puppy. This last one isn’t so much a terrible player, more that he probably thought he was helping but was just pissing me off.

On another pair of alts, me a hunter and my wife a shaman, we had a healer show up without any water, then he just beat on things with his staff while my wife healed. A good amount of Hunters we’ve seen on all of our characters we’re leveling come in without pets. At first I thought they might just be trying to tame something in the instance, but they never ask or try. We’ve had casters that just stand there through all fights but the bosses, not attacking anything. Like they don’t want to wear themselves out before the boss fight.

All of this is annoying, but it just seems like people who are new to the game and genuinely don’t know any better. It just frustrates me that I can’t help them out in any way, or ask them to DPS. The BIGGEST problem I’ve seen though is that there are a TON of people from the Latin American servers who try to get away with Ninja Looting by claiming they don’t understand. I’m talking about players who do everything they are supposed to, buff you when you ask, trade conjured items if you ask, then you get to a boss, get some loot, and the mage needs on the plate chest piece. We spent fifteen minutes asking her to give it to me, being the only one who can wear plate, but she just kept saying she didn’t understand. This has happened eight or nine times. I’m not saying anything about it being Latin Americans, more just saying that if a specific server in America or Europe could get away with it they probably would to.

The problem of course is that for me to believe they don’t understand, I would have to believe that when they zone into an instance with me, their entire UI changes and the Need button changes from dice to a rattle, the greed changes from a coin to a dagger, and the disenchant button changes to a raccoon. Then all the names change to “bubble” and the item is blacked out so you can’t see what it’s supposed to be, and all it tells you is “click something!”

Of course that doesn’t happen. Whatever the word Blizzard used for Need is still there, as is greed, as is the word Plate, or Axe, or any number of hints that, at level 37, you probably cannot use axes as a warlock.

If you are going to Ninja loot then just do it, don’t try and drag an entire group of servers names through the mud with you though. Just man up, say you Ninja’d and HAHA, and leave the group like the prick you are.

I am a little mad. I guess though it’s more that I am just frustrated by it all. It makes me want to learn Spanish so I can A) help out people who don’t know what they are doing, and B) call out the Ninja looter in a way they can’t get out of by saying they don’t understand.

This is not to say that ALL players from these servers are bad. We’ve had some good ones. It’s just that it seems the majority of low level ones that we have grouped with have not understood basic fundamentals of their class.

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3 Comments on “God! This Group is Pants!”

  1. twilie Says:

    wow that just awesomely funny and suckie at the same time, me an my b/f loved the puppy mage that fetches mobs though. Even though my partner doesnt play wow, he does play warhammer online so can relate aswell.I have found that recently there have been a lot of healers about, I have been low on health, which for a dps rogue is bad as this consequently means that the tank just died, yet the healer has full mana and is hitting stuff with a staff. While I see the funny side now, at the time it does annoy.

    I think on my server the reason for this is a lack of healers meaning long ques for dungeons, so ppl hav then rolled a healer alt but havent a clue what to do.

    O well bad runs happen, makes you appreciate the good ones more I guess 😀

    • amuntoth Says:

      Very true.

      And I am lucky in that my wife is the healer and I’m the tank, so our runs have a better chance of going at least alright, if not great.

      I’d also say that 90% of our runs are great, but there are those few bad apples.

      • twilie Says:

        Im purly dps, I love it and know how to play it, both warriors and rogues.

        But this means a longer wait when LFD and unless its with my guild I have a higher chance of bad runs, saying that I still get 80 to 90% good runs, despite the lack of kit dropping at the moment lol.

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