The Humble Indie Bundle

This isn’t going to be a long post. I just got done with a 12 hour run of nothing but dungeon after dungeon and I can barely see straight. I just wanted to let everyone know about the Humble Indie Bundle. It’s a PAY WHAT YOU WANT!!!! offer that helps indie developers, but more importantly the two most important gaming/tech charities, Childs Play and The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The games you get for this are


World of Goo






Lugaru HD


Penumbra Overture

I can only speak for World of Goo and Aquaria. It’d be worth it for either one, let alone both. Lugaru lets you play as a killer rabbit, so you’ve gotta love that. Penumbra Overture seems like a darker Myst style adventure game. No idea about Gish. YET. I’m heading to give them some money right now.

Remember IT’S PAY WHAT YOU WANT! DRM free! You can even choose to give all of the money to the charities, OR all to the developers! No publishers here either!

Please! If you have any interest, give them at least something. If all you can spare is a dollar, then do it. It’s better than nothing. But if you can spare more, well of course do what you can 🙂

Enough begging. Enjoy the games, I know I will.

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4 Comments on “The Humble Indie Bundle”

  1. Wow, cool! Giant adorable bunnies killing other giant adorable bunnies!

  2. Adventurer Historian Says:

    I bought the collection after reading parts of this interview with Wolfire’s founder and lead programmer.

    I did $10, which was a few bucks over the average.

    • amuntoth Says:

      I ended up doing $15. I would have done $20 but I already bought World of Goo for $5 when they had their own Pay What You Want deal.

      That article is actually what pointed me to this deal. I love it when people show that DRM is a useless tool that only hurts the medium, and everyone ignores it.

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