SyFy-City of Heroes

Just typing the new name of the station makes me cringe. I guess it’s not really all surprising that since they changed their name from SciFi, meaning Science Fiction, to SyFy, meaning something they can copywrite, that they would also begin to change the type of programming they offer.

Where once they brought us shows such as Battlestar Gallactica and other nerd goodness, now SyFy will be airing a cooking show and wrestling. Not Science Fiction wrestling either, though the storylines are just as out there.

It makes me sad to see one of the only television stations focused on Dorkdom to change and conform to the masses. Oh well, I guess we’ll always have…hmm…

On another note Issue 17 for City of Heroes/Villains is out, and with it the long awaited graphical upgrades! I created a new trial account and logged in to experience the wonder, and I was drastically underwhelmed. First of all it doesn’t look like they’ve upgraded the character models at all. The water is a lot better and the reflection is great. The shadows are better but not amazing. The problem is that I can’t run the dang thing with Ultra Mode on, even with the Ultra Mode setting set to medium-low, the game chugs badly.

From the info on the forums Issue 17 has caused a lot of problems for people, even if they have Ultra Mode off and all the settings are on low. Looks like I’ll have to give it another few weeks at least before I give it another shot.


  1. SyFy – blarf. The wrestling thing has been going on for a while, now they get to join MTV in the no-longer-does-anything-connected-to-their-name list.

    Sucks to hear the I17 is having issues. I’d contemplated coming back to try it out but after me last retry I gave up on that idea. I enjoy the combat and open power frameworks in CO too much. I still love the game though, I had a few very fun years in Paragon City.

    • Yeah it’s actually kinda hard to go back, not so much or the graphics but because of the archaic control and UI.

    • I’m so jealous of you Canadians sometimes. Mounties, Milk in a Bag, and Space channel. That last one I’ve found is 1000 times better than SyFy. You know who else has better TV than America now? England. BBC has some awesome programs.

      Stupid American TV stations.

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