Willpower, you have failed me for the last time!

So I’ll never be a Green Lantern. It’s just not really possible.


Yeah, I broke down and bought Everquest II. This is becoming a habit. On the upside I got Everquest II, all of it’s expansion packs and adventure packs, as well as a ton of in game items (including an awesome entire set of appearance gear that really works well with mages), all for $19.99.

I had so much fun with the demo that, for that price, I just couldn’t help myself. Add onto that the fact that I’m going to be playing LOTRO this weekend with my wife and I’m now playing too many games to actually play at once. It’s going to be crazy around here until free time starts running out.

I’ve gotten a Necromancer, Inquisitor and Defiler (Healers), and Guardian (Tank) to level 10 so far and I have a problem. I can’t decide what class to play. On the one hand I kind of really like the Necromancer, who  I got up to level 15 while playing the demo. On the other hand it’s kind of like the WoW Hunter in that it’s very easy to level, so it’s one of the most overplayed classes.

I tried a Defiler for a bit and, even though it starts with chainmail and a spear, it’s a really squishy caster. The Inquisitor starts with plate and does a bit of melee, but mostly is a caster as well.

The Guardian is a traditional tank, sword and board of course. The problem is that on the forums people keep telling everyone not to go Guardian, since other than maintanking raids, the other tanks like Berserker or Monk can tank just as well, and can offtank or DPS much better. That would really speed up leveling, and it might actually make it easier to get into a party.

So I guess my main question is, should I play a DPS, Healer or Tank. I love playing Healers and Tanks in every MMO I try, and I have never gotten a DPS to max rank in any game. Plus I’m firmly of the belief that if you are not a Tank or a Healer, you have no right to complain about a lack of either.

Any suggestions from the EQII knowledgeable out there? If I should be a healer, should I be an Inquisitor, Druid or Defiler? If a Tank then should it be Guardian, Berserker or Evil Monk? The class HAS to be evil, since I am playing Ratonga.

On a World of Warcraft related note me and the wife have already made alts, since our mains are grinding Orgrimmar rep and that gets boring. We’ve got them up to 16, mine being a Tankadin and hers is a Holy Priest. We’re using the auto dungeon tool and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen for a low level player. Groups for us, being tank AND healer, are instant. Literally. The only downside is that sometimes people will join for a boss and then leave, or leave after one bad pull like a bunch of douches. On the bright side we are a tank AND a healer, so we just reque while in the instance and we instantly have more people.


  1. Muahaha. This is how it starts. 🙂 First you’re a one sub at a time gamer. Then you decide two at a time isn’t so bad. Finally you go hog wild.

    • Haha, it’s just while I have the free month for these things. Then I’ll decide what I want to continue doing.

  2. I love EQ2 and played it for years. I never played any of the caster classes though but played every single tank class 🙂 I just love the tanks 🙂

    People are right about the Guardians being better suited for raid tanking but don’t let that put you off them – they make excellent group tanks and can still solo just fine. Plus, if you can’t decide between the Guardian or Beserker, remember you can do the betrayal quests and switch class (even if you choose to remain with Freeport).

    The Bruiser is also one of my personal favourite classes. I just love the idea of crushing opponents with my bare hands 🙂

    Damn, now you’ve got me wanting to play again…

    • Haha. The bruiser was pretty fun. I only played it up until level 7ish because I picked the female lizard people race. I tried that race because of the neck thing that flaps open when the women get into combat, but I hated her run.

      The game is a blast so far. Which melee would you suggest?

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