Ugly? Yeah Probably.

I read MMO Gamer Chicks recent post about her characters and how they all have certain things in common (Adventure Historian made a post on the topic as well!) . It got me thinking and I decided that I would do my own write up with my characters, and man are they ugly.

1. They are all male.

Oh I’ve tried a few females here and there, mostly alts, but I just can’t get into them. I think it’s partly because, while I hardly roleplay in games, I am a roleplayer at heart and I just can’t put myself into the shoes of a female avatar. I know the general excuse guys make, that extreme macho B.S. of “I’d rather look at a girls butt” but I think that’s all to try and clear up any worry of them being “gay” for playing a female toon. Sure, women look MUCH better than men, usually in video games too, and it’s fine to say that you like the aesthetic of a woman toon over that of a man. But when you use the “If I’ve got to stare at a butt” argument it just makes me wonder why you find one or the other sexually arousing. I think MMOGamerChick has it right when she says “I’ll admit the smooth curves of a female avatar are easier on the eyes when you’re staring at a game interface for extended periods of time.” It’s not sexual, or not supposed to be, it’s just fact for some. How did I make this such a long paragraph? Why am I still typing? Oh God this needs to stop.

2. They’re mostly ugly.

Some games require that I play a human, and in those games I generally make myself gruff and “woodsy”. The type of person you probably wouldn’t sit next to on the bus, but choose to stand instead. Others let me pick darker or just strange races, such as giant cow people. The really nice character creation lets me make whatever I want, such as Star Trek Online, and anyone who has seen my character on STO knows that it’s not pretty.

I think the main reason I tend to pick “ugly” races is that I LIVE in this world. I WORK in go to school in this world. I’ve SEEN humans, and they are boring to look at. Give me the option to play something vastly different than the usual and I’m going to jump at the chance.

Another reason may be that I don’t want to blend in with everyone else. Sure in real life I want to remain as anonymous as anyone else, but in game I want people to stop and say “Woah! Let me get a screenshot of this guy!”

The final reason is that it’s harder to come up with stories for strange species, and I really enjoy doing that.

3. They are tending toward the same name.

In this I am the exact opposite of MMOGamerChick in that, while her characters used to be named the same things and are moving apart, mine used to have unique names, each and everyone one of them contemplated on more than their appearance. Now though they all tend to have Amun or Toth in the name, such as Amuntoth, Amunkodo, Connor Toth, etc. I always try and work it in and make it fit lore-wise, at least a little, but I’m trying to make it easier for people to track me from the blog into the game and say high.

After the break will be pictures from some of my characters, so if that doesn’t interest you then no need to wait on the loading. If it does, click away!


This is my Warhammer Online Warrior Priest. He’s probably the most normal looking one of the bunch. I originally had a Black Orc when I bought and actively played the game, but that account has since lapsed. This is a character off my new Endless Trial account, so that explains that.


In descending order of hideousness we have my little Hobbit from LOTRO. “Now wait just a second! He’s a Hobbit, not hideous!” you might be thinking, but let me explain. He may be dressed nicely but he is bald (doesn’t show because of the hat, it gives him hair….), has a wicked scar on his face, a massive pot belly and he’s a midget. Add that to the fact that his feet are massive and hairy and you’ve got one pretty freakish being.


Oh Connor, from Fallen Earth. This was my character from the trial I played and well, he’s not an attractive man. Women sometimes scream when they see him, and they move their children away from him. His face is scarred, he has tattoos, mutton chops, and a bad attitude. So not altogether hideous but it’s about as ugly as Fallen Earth lets you get.


Amunkodo from WoW. Most of my WoW characters that I enjoy playing are Tauren. I tried Alliance at first, but even then I was Draenei. My few non-Tauren Horde are Forsaken and they are usually missing their lower jaw so that their tongue hangs down. It’s disturbing to my wife.


Finally we have Amuntoth from STO. While you could argue that my Tauren, while hideous to us, is normal for a Tauren, Amuntoth is completely designed by me and he is hideous. I love him.


  1. Excellent post…

    … but now you really must explain the cute chick in your blog’s header.

    • That was so quick 🙂 And the girl in the header is from the Diablo II fanpage pack that Blizzard put out. The Dwarf is from the WoW version of the pack. The characters on the left are mine, one from STO (my first STO character) and the other from EQ II. I need to update that banner to something that includes more of my characters.

      • You know, you can edit your – and my – comments. Just sayin’, you coulda just fixed said typo. 😛

  2. I know, but I don’t like to. I end up editing my posts enough, and I feel the comments should remain as they are, like a conversation. Unless it’s something REALLY bad like someone posts racism or something.

    One thing I hate about the comment system, I can’t reply once it’s gotten three replies, I have to make a new comment. Probably just a space issue.

  3. Heh heh, sometimes I’m glad I’m a chick. I can make all the comments I want about staring at females’ butts and giving my characters gigantic breasts and no one will over-think my motives or question MY sexuality, YAY!

    Very nice post, I’m glad I could inspire 🙂

    And re: the commenting system, you can change that somewhere in your settings to include more tiers. I have it set at 3 replies or so as well, but clicking the last “reply” on the comment above option will still tuck your comment right below the last person’s.

    • Wow, I didn’t know you could change the nesting – awesome!

  4. I tend to play male characters too, but I can’t do ugly. I’m fascinated by how differently everyone designs their characters. I bet a psychologist would have a lot of fun studying MMO gamers.

  5. I find it fascinating that I have “phases”: Usually I start out with a male char, but if a “switch” occurs to another favorite class, it is very often female.

    WoW: Male Human Paladin -> Female Human Warlock
    Guild Wars: Male Warrior/Monk -> Female Necromancer
    LOTRO: Male Human Champion -> no! females are too ugly
    Ultima Online: Male Warrior -> Female Tamer
    STO: Male Alien looking quite human -> no female char, but a harem of female bridge officers

  6. Slow getting around to some these posts. But excellent post man, you rock on your own game analysis.

  7. With wow Im similar I like going for the odd char, which is why I only really go for dreanei ally side. Horde side there all female (as being female I find it odd playing a male) but now there all blood elfs and not because of appearance, I love the starting area and the blood elf architecture, so still its an aesthetics thing but in a different way.

    I do prefer my rogues or warriors though, Im a bit of an odd girl and I like it when my characters are dressed to kill instead of the pretty robes of the healer or mage classes

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