Marvel vs. Capcom 3


There is a trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 over at GameSpot. The only characters shown are the ones in the image above, Wolverine fighting Ryu, Morrigan fighting Iron Man, and The Hulk fighting Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, which I though was an odd fit for the game. Realistically he may be awesome against the undead and other types of zombies, but he’s going to be fighting guys that shoot lasers from their hands, and The Hulk.

It’s apparently going to come out for the PS3 and XBox 360, no real surprise there. I WAS hoping, after Street Fighter 4 came out on the PC, that MvC 3 would manage to make it’s way the the PC, where I would play it with my 360 controller. What’s the difference? I’m hardly away from my computer, so the rare console game I buy usually languishes in purgatory until the internet goes out and my computer explodes.

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3 Comments on “Marvel vs. Capcom 3”

  1. I don’t actually play these kinds of fighting games, but I do love debating them with my comic book fanboy friends. Like, how could the likes of Ryu ever expect to defeat Wolverine with his adamantium skeleton and healing factor? Discuss.

    • Amuntoth Says:

      I always WANT to play fighting games, and I buy them, like Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat vs. DC, but I’m no good at them and I get frustrated and stop playing.

      As to Ryu beating Wolverine I guess it all depends on how powerful his Haduken can get, and if it could vaporize Wolverine. Even then it might not kill him, but it’d take a LONG time to regenerate from that. Add to that the fact that if vaporized he might regenerate WITHOUT the adamantium skeleton (since that would have been unharmed maybe) and he might be easier to take out again.

      What I wonder about is Mr. Fantastic vs. Dhalsim, who would win?

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