New Graphics Card


That is my new graphics card, a Galaxy – NVidia GeForce GT 240. Not the best card by far but a slight upgrade from my GeForce 220. What’s really odd is that it is about half the size of my old card, and it doesn’t require a plug-in from the power supply. I’ve NEVER had a video card that didn’t need that that wasn’t integrated. Made me really worried at first, I thought I just couldn’t find where it was supposed to plug in.

Anyway, as I’m sure you can guess my wife’s old video card, the one that was in my computer, didn’t make it. I now have this though so everything is working fine. I ran it through it’s paces a little last night with STO and a bit this morning with WoW. It’s holding up just fine but I’m keeping the receipt and packaging. I’ve had the worst luck with computers recently and I’m not taking any chances.

Me and the wife finished watching 500 Days of Summer a few minutes ago. It’s not the typical romantic comedy I expected when it started, and there is a lot of sadness in it. There is a slight spoiler coming. This movie has one of the greatest scene’s I’ve seen in a movie in a long time. Right after the main character sleeps with Summer for the first time, he’s heading to work in the morning with the sun shining, birds singing, and him strutting his stuff. He’s obviously feeling like the king of the world. Then he stops to check his appearance in a car window and I almost died laughing.


That is the most awesome moment in the movie and I’d recommend it even if that was the only scene, just repeated over and over. Of course this blog is about video games so I’m going to tie it into a video game.

lego indiana jones

Boom! Didn’t think I could didja?