Ding Ding! Commander…Arriving.


That’s right, Amuntoth D’Teklik is now Commander 1! Also I managed to snag some Original Series uniforms and now my entire crew is sporting them. You can expect a new Captain’s Log update this weekend with some amazing turns of events, in my opinion in any case.

I did want to touch on some interesting Episodes I went on today in my attempt to make it to Commander.

Divide et Impera

First I just want to say that I had to try the mission three times before it would complete. There seems to be a bug in it and I will warn you now, if you beam down to the station and start moving, and the NPC that is with you just stands there, you should beam back up and restart that part of the mission.

Aside from the technical difficulties associated with the episode I really enjoyed it. Sure it wasn’t completely unexpected but I had a lot of fun. Because it was borked, my first really borked episode since launch, I went to the forums to see if it was a common thing and yes, yes it is. I also discovered that it is a mission of some controversy.

Many people seem to feel that they should be able to do something different than what the game forces you to do. They know what’s coming and they want to avoid it because their character would never do what he does. I’m sorry I’m being vague here but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

The problem I have with this is the same problem I have with all these types of arguments. Just because YOU know something does not mean your character knows something. Just because YOU know the super item is in the desert dungeon because you looked it up doesn’t mean your character has any reason to go to the desert, let alone to go grave robbing in the desert.

“But Amun! It’s so painfully obvious what is about to happen my character should know!” You might be saying and yes, to you, sitting back in your house playing a calming video game, it might be painfully obvious. To your captain however, a man who has lost dozens of people he knew, some he possibly cared for in a multi-front war with former allies, Borg, Romulans, Klingons, shape-shifters and more, a man who went from having no authority to being responsible for the lives of hundreds of people in the span of a day, a man who has been shot and stabbed multiple times in the short time he’s been captain, well a man like that might have a lot on his mind.

The Crystaline Entity

The basic premise here is that a large Crystaline Entity is floating around the galaxy and being a danger to planets. It is your job, along with however many other random people that show up, to destroy this entity. As you attack it it will release dozens of crystal fragments that home in on ships and try to collide with them. If they do they explode and can destroy a ship quickly. If a fragment is destroyed, either by colliding with a player, a mine, or by being attacked, it heals the Entity for a drastic amount of HP.

I fought this Entity on four separate occasions and I never saw it’s health drop below 98%. Sure the mission premise is interesting but let’s be honest with ourselves here: This mission requires you to have enough people, to avoid incoming mobs or CC them without hurting them, and to DPS the big guy down while you are doing this. This requires the same amount of coordination required of a guild for a raid, but without any of the benefits such as KNOWING AHEAD OF TIME YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN A RAID.

So as I said we could never even hurt the thing. One time, no matter what was said in zone, local or in private messages, one player simply flew around shooting fragments and not responding to anything else. This kept the Entity’s health at 100%. The other times we just could not get coordinated. Someone would always get hit by the fragments resetting the boss to 100%.

Overall I’m having a blast in STO and I’ll be playing for some time still.

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9 Comments on “Ding Ding! Commander…Arriving.”

  1. Congrats on making Commander! I wish I could remember what that quest was about so I can think if I ever went through such a conundrum.

    And I hate the CE…defeating that thing is nigh impossible, especially since I never see more than half a dozen people in the zone with me trying to do it.

    • amuntoth Says:

      Thanks for the reply :). You the CE is useless it seems, it’s only there to toy with us which, lore wise, might be about right.

      • Blue Kae Says:

        The CE is pretty hard, I was able to defeat it, but it was just by happening to be in an instance with people who knew what they were doing.

        The big problem with that particular fleet instance is suddenly you’re required to employ some teamwork and there’s nothing in the game up until that point to really train players to do that.

  2. Blue Kae Says:

    I think I remember the mission you’re talking about, and I have to count myself among the group who weren’t comfortable with it. If I’m remembering correctly, the whole way through you’re not finding the dangerous weapons/research you’re looking for but just normal medical stuff that would be expected. There’s lots of places where it would be nice to have some dialog/mission branching (even if it’s just a binary choice), but that mission was the first where I felt it was really needed.

    • amuntoth Says:

      I’ll agree that it would be nice, but I disagree that it’s needed. Up until that point there were many times where “the princess was in another castle” so to speak and you had to check a bunch of boxes. Heck, I remember a mission where I had to blackmail a bar owner into telling me what was going on, and having to kill off 90% of his patrons when they got uppity.

      Let’s face it, your captain just isn’t as nice a person, or as smart a person, as you might want.

      Of course, if they added the dialog branches and such, I’d love that. I’m mainly playing devil’s advocate.

      • Blue Kae Says:

        That’s another one, where it would’ve been nice to have an alternative branch. Although at least in that mission the patrons attack you first. You’re initially there just to investigate. The Romulan mission just felt different to me from the outset.

        I’ve mostly been thinking about dialog trees and mission branching because if they do start to add more non-combat then it can’t be like the stuff that’s already in the game. Like the mission where you run back and forth between to merchants trying to figure out who stole what. That was very boring/non-engaging.

      • You’re right about everything, but I can’t help but chuckle a little when I read this and then remember your stories, Mr. I’ll-barter-my-crewman’s-lives-for-my-own 😛

  3. amuntoth Says:

    There are a few non-combat missions that were fun, but the kind where you talk to the miners and then talk to their leader and thats it, that is too simple I think.

  4. kaozz Says:

    Gratz! I haven’t had a chance to play this game but it sounds like fun.

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