Giving LOTRO another chance.


The wife got pretty angry at LOTRO last weekend, and truth be told so did I. We tried the duo skirmishes, something we have been excited about for a while now. We spent about four hours respawning, yelling, cursing and having one of the worst times I’ve ever had in an MMO. Are we undergeared? Not according to our guild mates. Are our skirmish pets underpowered? Maybe a little but it’s hard for us to tell. Do we have to wrong pets for our class combination? Again hard to tell.

Anyway this led to us both ragelogging. My wife needs an extra day or two more than me when this kind of thing happens so I was left feeling kind of bored and I decided to roll a new LOTRO alt. This time I picked a hobbit burglar and got him up to level 20 in just under 24 hours played. This is by no means a speed record, but I did complete every quest and deed in The Shire before I moved on, which is part of the reason it took so long.

I had a really fun time though. Me and the wife have been at levels 35-40 for about four months now it seems because every time we log on we try Skirmishes and are completely obliterated for hours until we quit, having gained very little of anything. It was nice to just level and have fun in the game again. Even the pie deliveries were enjoyable. I think once she’s ready to play again we’ll abandon Skirmishes for good and just level, quest and have fun.

Below is a link to my Burglar on Landroval, Undor. Feel free to send me a text in game.


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