Fallen Earth Armor Pictures


There really isn’t a good repository of photo’s for Fallen Earth armor, and as there is no in game dressing room it’s impossible to know what something will look like until you equip it. As such I spent the rest of my trial account time running around and making all of the low level armor in the game that I could find. This should be most items in the ____ 1 category such as Shoes 1, Torso 1 etc. Due to level limitations I wasn’t able to craft everything from all the level 1 books, only up to skill level 45.

Here is the link to my Flickr page, where they will be kept for now. I ask that you please link to this post, and not directly to the Flickr page, as it helps generate traffic. Enjoy the pictures, I know they are dark and not the best, but if you’ve got better, or armor pieces I don’t have pictures of, let me know in the comments and we can get those posted.

This represents untold hours of material farming, crafting and picture taking, not to mention leveling to up my skill caps. Please respect that and do not republish these pictures elsewhere as your own.

An Ultima Online Experiment


I played Ultima Online back before Trammel, continued playing after it came out and didn’t leave it until Final Fantasy XI came out, which i played until World of Warcraft came out. I went back when Ultima Online released it’s Kingdom Reborn expansion pack, which was a terrible mess. The updated “3D” style graphics caused the world to look more cluttered than it had before and the newbie starting quests were broken  and it was impossible to complete it.

Jump forward to today when I downloaded and installed the 14 day trial for Ultima Online. I got the new Stygian Abyss client and decided to see what kind of improvements they had brought to UO, if any. It turned out that they did a really great job, at least in the newbie starting quest area. There were many NPCs with quests once I got to New Haven, the starting town, and they ranged from getting my skills up (basically to teach you what you need to do) to crafting or escorting.

The biggest problem with the game right now isn’t even the graphics, which is what I thought it would be. It’s not even the UI which has received many great enhancements. It’s the sound. From the brutally loud and annoying walking noise that accompanies you everywhere you go (unless you turn off the walking noise completely…) or the seemingly four second music clip that seems to repeat over and over. Granted I’ve only played for a few minutes and I intend to give it a thorough playing before I give up on it. I have such fond memories of my time in Brittania that I am really tempted to resub, especially after the little I played today. But I’ll give it the full two weeks and see what’s what.

Makes me want to give Darkfall a try. If only they had a carebare server.