But it’s not real!


I am sick and tired of people saying that my enjoyment inside an MMO, that my friends and my memories aren’t real just because they happened inside or because of an MMO. I’m sorry but when was I spirited away to some fantasy land to play these games? As far as I knew that happened IN the real world. Regardless of how I got them they are still my feelings, my memories, as real as anything else.

A lot of people these days seem to think that they are addicted to MMOs. There are people who are addicted to video games just as there are people who are addicted to masturbation or anything else that makes you feel good. That does not mean that there is anything inherently more addictive about video games than anything else. If you think you are addicted ask yourself one SIMPLE question: Have you suffered serious repercussions in life due to your gaming habit? By this I mean eviction, divorce, your child died, anything like that.

Stop trying to downplay my accomplishments, my memories and my friends because you can’t seem to find happiness in your own life. Just because I don’t sit in front of the television and watch grown men huddle with each other and I choose to sit in front of a monitor and watch fake men huddle each other does not mean that my time is wasted. Just because I choose to read, both in MMO’s and in books, instead of tossing a ball does not mean that I am wasting my time.

I have years of great memories with friends and family inside MMOs. I’ve had relationships that felt as real, and thus were as real, as any relationship I’ve had outside of my computer. I’m just tired of people acting high and mighty because they have the IQ of a Junior High School graduate and can’t appreciate the wonders I’ve seen.

Am I addicted to MMOs? Not even a little. Would I choose to play and hang out with my MMO friends over watching television? Every damn time.

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