Tips for Fallen Earth

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clueless in the wasteland

This is going to be an ongoing list of tips for new Fallen Earth players that will grow as I learn more. I’m taking questions from the in game help channel, questions I’ve had, and questions from any commenter on this site kind enough to leave one. Away we go!

1. Midway Armor Merchant – If you start in Midway this is a question you will eventually ask. How can you get to the roof of the building so you can buy armor?

Go down the street to the south and stop between ‘Midway Eats’ and ‘Grover’s Book and Roof Access’. Go into Grover’s, up the stairs twice, the second set it above the first, then make a left over a wooden plank bridge onto a building to the south. Follow another wooden plank bridge to a building to the east and then turn north. This is the tricky part. Unequip your weapons, even if you have to put then all in your bags. Without weapons equipped you will supposedly jump farther. Now just make the two jumps while heading east and you will finally be able to buy armor…

More after the jump.

2. Starter Gear – This is probably a bug, but it affected my character in the early going so I thought I’d include it here. Small spoiler in this section for those who have not completed the tutorial.

During the course of the tutorial you may end up finding better gear such as a bullet proof vest or some combat boots. Feel free to equip these, but do not destroy your starter gear. Keep it on you. I destroyed mine and I did not get it replaced when I woke up as a clone. That means I started minus a jacket and shoes.

3. Dual Wield – Some people don’t understand how to use the dual wield pistols and are confused about the dual wield melee graphic glitch.

When wielding two pistols the left mouse button fires ONLY the left pistol, the right mouse button fires the right only. You may hold both of them down,  for any weapon, to keep attacking. If you are using dual melee weapons it may look like you are only attacking with one, but it’s a graphics glitch and you are correctly attacking with two in most cases.

4. Your Horse – If you are using the starter horse for longer than it takes to sell everything you harvest you are wrong.

Some people don’t even know that you can get another horse, or how much better it is than the Old Nag you are given for completing the tutorial. You should purchase it as early as possible. Not only does it last MUCH MUCH MUCH longer without food, but it’s has an awesome amount of inventory room compared to the default horse.

5. Mount Inventory – Your mount has it, did you know?

If you look on your mount section, the part with the health and stamina of your mount, and click info, you can then look at your horse’s or vehicles stats. There is also an inventory tab that you can click. Use this to hold a LOT more crafting materials as you wonder the wastes, then head back to town stocked up. You can also pack your vehicle with stuff, then stable it as a free extra “bank”.

6. Your Mount and Death – Did you die? Did your mount die? Do you even know where your mount is?

First of all your mount is the little green square-ish icon on your map. If you died or left him somewhere you can run to him and find him. Alternately you can head to the nearest garage and pay a very small amount to have your vehicle towed to the garage, where you can then take it out and not have to run all that way.

Many more tips will be coming in the future, including crafting tips and maybe even a few video tutorials, depending on how that goes.

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