Forget Farmville and Mafia Wars!


Thats right, I’ve found a game infinitely better than any other before it. It’s called Progress Wars and it is hilarious. It makes fun of many social networking games like Mafia Wars and Farmville in which you simply click buttons to fill progress bars.

Progress Wars is a parody, make no mistake. Check out the site and pass it on to your friends. What level are you?

Seriously though I can’t stop, something might be wrong with me…

Worried about The Old Republic


I was reading a recent Kotaku article in which Brian Crecente got a hands on with The Old Republic, the new Star Wars MMO coming from Bioware. I have been excited about this game since I heard it announced, like most people I would imagine.

Quest immersion is something Nomadic Gamer has been talking about a lot lately, and it’s something I imagine coming in The Old Republic thanks to Bioware. Now I couldn’t care less about the voice acting because, while it will be nice to hear the NPC’s all speak, I’m going to get frustrated after a while that I can’t just skip it I would imagine, especially if EVERY TIME I have to kill 10 space boars I have a 10 minute conversation before hand. Not to mention the money and time increase it’s going to cost to get new content added into the game JUST because of the voice acting. Give me old fashioned text and make the story epic.

The main  thing I am worried about is the combat. Now I didn’t play it, but from that Kotaku article it sounds almost exactly like a mix between Champions Online and Star Trek Online. From starting with a channel attack to rifle butting enemies to close it just strikes me as a Cryptic game. Now that isn’t necessarily bad, especially since Champions Online’s combat was fun and more abilities would have made it even more fun.

Aika starts Open Beta March 16, No one cares!


Seriously. Now I know that sounds mean and sure, there might be many people out there who would be really interested in this game and it’s style. Until they hear that it’s another gpotato game. Do you really want to even take the chance of liking the game, knowing that the publishers could destroy it, and probably WILL destroy it, as soon as it’s hooked a few people?

I probably wouldn’t play the game anyway, it looks like a typical grind fest and I’m not in the mood for that. The thing that makes sure I will NEVER try the game is that little gpotato logo. As far as I am concerned they have ruined their credibility as a company. As others have said MMOs are  a trust based relationship that goes both ways, and I will never trust gpotato.

Still, other’s might be interested in it. levels 1-50, class specific mounts like the (I am NOT making this up) Warrior’s war hamster or the Dual Gunner’s HOVERBIKE! Warriors just got the shaft.

Eh, check it out if you’re feeling masochistic here. I will be giving it plenty of room for it’s death thrash.

Finished Bioshock 2

Bioshock2 2010-03-15 19-03-04-84

Rapture! F*%& YEAH!

As the title says I finally finished Bioshock 2 this evening and what a ride! I can say that the game lived up to the hype for me and it turned out to be a great addition to the Bioshock series.

Of course it couldn’t grab us with the unique setting like the first one did, since we had already been there, but I can say I really enjoyed exploring new area’s of rapture including a theme park type section that I though was truly inspired.

The two complaints I have about the game are small but nagging. The first is that is uses Games For Windows Live, a service which I wish would just die already. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to play a game only to have their servers down, or been waiting on a patch because Microsoft has to approve it dang thing.

The second complaint is that I never really FELT like a Big Daddy combat wise. They did an EXCELLENT job making me feel like a Big Daddy in every other aspect, and they tried to explain the weakness in combat with the Alpha Daddy storyline, but a splicer STILL shouldn’t give me that much trouble in my opinion.

All around it was a great experience and I can’t wait to play Bioshock 3 (or SystemShock 3 if the rumors are true). I might mess with the multiplayer later, but I’d rather not have the game tainted for me with teabagging at the moment.