Bungie Encourages Douchebags


Since the dawn of the Halo franchise it has bred and attracted gamechair jocks and douches the world round, and while it is a great game series on it’s own, it’s image will forever be tarnished by the teabaging, smack-talking fraternity idiots that swarm over the game like crabs on a jock strap.

Or so I thought. It turns out Bungie encourages this behavior. In an update from Bungie they announced that there was a bug in the alpha phase of their upcoming game Halo: Reach. That bug you ask? In their own words: “The respawn camera flies back to the spawn location immediately after dying, so your opponents can’t teabag / shoot / melee your body and have a possibility of you seeing it.” Yes, they consider not being an asshole a bug.

Hopefully the next iteration of the game, Halo: Douche, will have a collectors edition featuring a beer bong, truck balls and step by step instructions on how to be an annoying prick.

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  1. I think it’ll also come with a polo shirt that has a permanently popped collar.

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