Let’s Play Everquest II: Skulls and Cadavers 4

Donning his new robes, and finally getting a good meal, Amuntoth was all set to continue on his way.

Calnozz J’Melvirr: “Woah there friend!”

I don’t remember you at all…”


Calnozz: “That’s not important. What is important is that I have a business proposition for you.”

“Not interested peasant…”

Calnozz: “Not even for several silver?”

“Well, I guess I can’t just walk away without hearing your proposition, that would be rude.”


Calnozz’s got some animal problems. Mainly the fact that he would like to cook them, but they seem to be fighting for some reason. He has hired me to take care of the problem, and supply him with meat. As I create boils and pustules on an alligator it occurs to me that he could have picked someone better suited for bringing him edible meat…


He even supplies me with a spell to trap some baby bears. He likes to use babies as he says they are more tender. As I easily capture several of them I have to wonder why he didn’t do this himself.



“GET IT SQUEE!” Mama bear is furious. I barely escape with my life, Squee is not as fortunate. We killed the bear, but Squee was already dead. Next we are tasked with getting some baby snakes. To get the babies we have to kill the mothers, who have apparently swallowed their own young alive.


Thankfully one “Vomit until Combustion” spell later and I have some slightly singed baby snakes. We’ll at least I have already killed the mother, no surprises.


This is certainly a surprise. I expected MAYBE a bigger snake to attack me, not some giant, winged snake with fire for a head. To be fair it has a regular head that just happens to be on fire.

Squee is extremely brave and as I run off into the distance I hear the scream of the damned. Squee is finally free.


That’s just not going to work for me.

“COME SQUEE! Occupy this Skeleton I have found, let your soul animate this corpse!”


I couldn’t find a human skeleton around. All I could find was some lizard creature.


I put the poor beast out of his misery and used the body for Squee. Sadly I still can’t determine why the spell is causing Squee to become so SMALL.


Calnozz has another request of me. He would like me to catch a dozen or so fish for him. It sounds like a great idea, and I figure I might as well catch a few for myself while I am at it.


The fish aren’t biting so I wade into the stream a bit more. I really hope there aren’t any leeches in this lake.


Seconds after getting pulled under the water I realize that I don’t care if there are leeches in the lake. Thankfully the water keeps me from screaming and forces me to react instead of panic. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to faze this beast at all, and Squee holds it back as I ‘run’. Then Squee ‘runs’ and we get out of the water and keep running, neither of us sure that the creature can’t walk on land.

Sadly the camp is on the other side of the lake. Well, I’ve got food, a new robe, and Squee even got some armor thanks to the poor creature I took pity on. Piling my bags onto Squee we set out to find a nice spot for our castle.

Just so everyone knows, I have been, and will continue, to take liberties with the story and quests I come across in order to fit them into the story. Otherwise this would be VERY boring.

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