Let’s Play Everquest II: Skulls and Cadavers 3

When we last left our hero…

When we last left Amuntoth the Evil Necromancer he had just left the starting town, bound for the wide world. Also he plans to own it all.


“Ahh, some of my subjects. It looks like they’ve made camp out in my wilderness. I’ll just have to see if they have any food, as I seem to have not bought any when I got to the surface.”


“Hello servant. I am in need of food, and if you offer me cheese I shall summon your skeleton from your body as I did with my friend Squee here.”

Ginwyss: “Let me guess, you left out on your own to become an adventurer and you forgot to buy any supplies?”

“That may be similar to what happened, do you have any food?”

Ginwyss: “Yes, I  have some. I also happen to have a problem with the undead around here, and judging by your dusty friend there you might be able to do something about it.”

“And you haven’t done anything about it yourself because…?”

Ginwyss: “Well, I COULD leave here and go tearing off after all the zombies and skeletons around here, but then I would return to the chewed out husks of my former comrades, men and women who are going to pay me a VERY large sum of money when we return to Neriak.”

“And you want me to go stop these Skeletons for some food? Perhaps you could share a little of that wealth…”

Ginwyss: “Well….I do have a robe here you might like. It DID belong to one of my crew members, but he ran off in the middle of the night. We only found the robe. As long as you don’t mind a little blood…”

“I’ll be right back once I’ve gotten rid of a few skeletons!”


You would be surprised the things this rat will do for new clothes.

These skeletons aren’t going to be vanquished just by destroying their bodies, so I use a new spell I’ve been working on to chain their soul and rip it our of their bodies. I have been working on a lot of spells to rip things out of peoples bodies. I may have an issue.


After capturing a few souls in an enchanted vial, I just need a few of their bones to complete the ritual.


I head back to camp and explain what I’ve done to Ginwyss. I’ve still got the final piece of the ritual to do, back at the Well of Torment, a pool of abyss I passed on my way here from Town Loser. We are interrupted by another member of Ginwyss’ crew, Laexyra.


It turns out she’s the head of the camp here, and before I head out to damn these spirits to eternal torment she would like me to stop by and see a specific ghost she knows. Apparently he was the former occupant of my future robe, and he thought he could stop the undead threat by himself. She would like me to remind him how badly that failed, and she wants me to do it since I appear to actually be solving the problem. She also offered me some gloves and a few silver. And it is cold out here at night.


This is him, Harnen Taptha. He’s a decent sort of ghost, one of the more charming that I have met. For the ghost of a surfacer anyway. We have a very polite conversation about his massive failure.


His completely irrational and unprovoked attack net’s him one of my most powerful spells. I think about binding his soul with the rest of them, but I figure that I might want to summon him some time, just to laugh at how pathetic he was.

After that it’s off to the Well of Torment, where I release the spirits. Release them right into eternal pain and suffering.


Norrath’s Catch and Release program is born.

A quick jog back to the camp and it’s time to get some food. I could eat a horse.


Or whatever that is. I order my subject to get off of his mount and allow me to eat it, but he just gives me a dirty look and rides away. He is lucky that I have no mount of my own as yet…


“Your dirty work is done, the undead shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore. Thanks for the robe, it fits real nice.”

Ginwyss: “You more than earned it traveler, I hope it brings you better luck than it’s former occupant.”

“Of course it will, I am your king after all, and I do look rather kingly in my new robe.”

Ginwyss: “You are a strange little Ratonga…”

She’s got it BAD for me. You can’t help it when I look THIS awesome though.


This is a horrendous robe. So far it’s gone from bad to worse. Between the terrible robes and the fact that I haven’t seen the sun yet, this place is terribly depressing. I guess I should have expected it, being that I am evil and in a place called Darklight Wood.

That’s it for this Let’s Play. There will be more next time as I finish up this camp and move on to the next one.

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