Let’s Play Star Trek Online: Captains Log

Ensigns Log, Stardate 63631.9.

My name is Amuntoth of Clan Teklik and for the last year I have been a Starfleet officer. Things weren’t looking up merely an hour ago, and I’m not sure how I like the current turn of events.

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Amuntoth D’Teklik. It’s okay to drool.

As of ten minutes ago I was being escorted to the brig. It turns out Starfleet isn’t very keen on it’s officers recruiting enlisted into what they deem “cult organizations”. Thankfully, maybe, I’m no longer on my way to the brig. You can thank the Borg for that.

When the Borg first attacked we were caught completely off guard. The ship rocked violently, probably Photon Torpedoes, and my would be jailer fell down. Sadly he then hit his head on my shoe repeatedly until he passed out. Then he shot himself.

Lucky for me, in all the confusion, people seem to have forgotten about my little incident. In fact, the Captain has requested me on the bridge, something about a suicide mission against the Borg. Hey, if it gets me off of this ship before they find the body, I’m all for it.


Yep, suicide mission. I hustle up to the bridge as quick as I can. If someone finds Lt. Quanar before I get out of here this could end even worse for me.


“Ensign D’Teklik reporting for duty sir!”

Captain Qat’Anmek: “Good. Ensign we have a job for you to do. You’re Tactical division, we need someone to head down to Cargo Bay five and eliminate the Borg that have boarded us. The deck has been sealed, use the console to remove the lockdown.”


This shot was taken at a terrible angle but I thought it was funny.

Remove the lockdown…eenie, meenie, mynie, mo! Wow, I actually can’t believe that worked.Off to the death trap. I wonder if they’re going to relock this once I leave the bridge.

Random Officer to my Left: You bet your creepy butt I will.

Sigh. When I have my own ship, no one is going to talk to me like that.


I’m sure glad they sealed off THAT hallway. I should get going, but this is probably going to be awesome. Sigh, duty calls I suppose. Well, duty and the ever looming threat of a death sentence.

Is that Borg I hear in the hallway behind me? Let’s get dangerous!


God I look awesome. I really hope there’s SOMEONE in this hallway to see it.


No Borg, just this guy. That console looks extremely dangerous, but he doesn’t seem to care. He wants me to use another console near him and together we can zap some Borg into another portion of the ship or something. The important part here is that this other part of the ship is open to space.


I couldn’t get a better shot of this, but it’s really an awesome thing to see.

Looks like all the Borg have been dealt with for now, I wonder if I can hijack an escape shuttle before someone notices?

Captain Qat’Anmek: Ensign Tech lick, or whatever, we’re getting a distress call. Patching it through to you now.


This is Sylar from Heroes. This is New Spock from Star Trek. This is also the Khitomer Emergency Medical Hologram. He is only in the tutorial that I have seen so far, but it’s nice to hear that voice. Even if he does phone it in.

Before I can object I am beamed onto the U.S.S. Khitomer and I’m standing face to face with the hologram responsible for bringing me here.


Medical Hologram: “Good, you have arrived. Before we deal with the immediate threat of the Borg boarding parties that are swarming this ship, I’m going to need you to use your medical tricorder and help a few of these patients.”

“Yeah that’s not, I mean, I generally shoot things on my assignments. Sometimes I am required to operate a console or two, but I don’t operate on PEOPLE.”

Medical Hologram: “It doesn’t matter, none of these people are going to survive anyway. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have you at least TRY.”

“Oh. That I can do.”


Should I be enjoying this so much? He really looks like he’s in pain here.


“Alright psycho doctor, where are the Borg? Also I think I might’ve caused that guy to be in MORE pain.”

Psycho Doctor Hologram: “That’s alright, I have found the screams of flesh creatures to be quite pleasing.”

“Right, so…Borg? This way? Gotta go. Say, do you have an escape pod anywhere around here? No? Fine.”

I’m contacted by Commander Davis in the Engineering Bay. They’re in trouble and their off ship communications are being jammed. There are apparently some Borg devices on my deck that are jamming comms.


Can do. Not really sure I should, being that my Captain might be desperately hailing this ship right now. Well, I guess I can’t worry about that, gotta concentrate on not looking suspicious while looking for an escape pod.


One Borg device down.


I guess that really pissed off this Borg lady. You know, she’s actually kind of cute, in a bondage sort of way. I wonder if she’d be willing to switch sides?


“You’re invading my bubble lady, and I don’t care how hot you are, no one invades my bubble without permission!”

It gets down to fisticuffs for a bit, but I eventually come out on top. I make my way to Main Engineering, apparently there is a massive Borg boarding party trying to sabotage the ship. Arriving just in time to stop a massive incursion, I am clearly the hero of the encounter.


We lost a man, and he’ll be missed. So far no one suspects friendly fire, but I’m going to come out and say that it was not.


Is was a close one, but ultimately we survived. The ship didn’t do so well though, and neither did those boxes.

Commander Davis: “Great job Ensign. Listen, I have some terrible news, but we don’t really have time so I’m just going to say it. Your ship was hit pretty hard, and it looks like they targeted officers. You are the last remaining officer from your ship, and that makes you Captain. No, before you ask I cannot send someone much more qualified from my crew, as I like them too much.”

“Wait…they’re all dead? It’s just me? I’m Captain?”

Commander Davis: “That’s right, it’s a terrible loss, but we don’t have time to grieve. Get to the transport room. Chief Sherman is there with a few of our officers, Ensigns really, but go ahead and take one of them with you, you could use another officer on your ship.”

“So…I get my own ship, my own crew, and you’re giving me one of your officers? This, wait, you didn’t talk to Captain Qat’Anmek did you? No? Well I’ll just be on my way then…”


I have no idea who to pick here.

“Right then Officers, how long have you been in Starfleet?”

Engineering Ensign: “Two years sir.”

Tactical Ensign: “One year sir.”

Science Ensign: “I just graduated the academy sir.”


“Chief I’ve decided, I’ll take the Science Ensign. Go ahead and bind him before we transport, I’m not sure I have any rope on my ship.”

Chief: “That’s…a joke right?”

“Of course it is, I have plenty of rope. Beam away Chief.”


To be continued…

On the next episode of Star Trek Online, our new Captain discovers that his former crimes are now unknown. He also learns that an officer fresh out of Starfleet Academy is an easy convert, even in the heat of battle. Oh, and there is some space combat.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the first Let’s Play Star Trek Online. I’m not sure exactly how many of these I will do, but I will finish the tutorial mission at the very least, and then probably continue as I get new content.


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