LOTRO: Volume III Book I released!


Oath of the Rangers is out and it’s bringing with it several changes. Most of them won’t effect my character, a lowly level 38 hunter, there are a few that I can’t wait to try out. Let’s get to the list.

Four new Skirmishes-

Fight at the Necromancer’s Gate!

Battle at the entrance to the Ringwraith’s Lair!

Man Catapults in your defense of Thangulhad!

Help free the elves in Dannenglor!

Skill Upgrades-

They have added level 64 skill upgrades finally. This may not effect me but I am sure there are hundreds of people for whom this is the most exciting part.

New recipes and crafting updates-

Level 65 recipes

New icons and stats for Jeweller’s recipes.

New recipes for Cooks.

New class items for Weaponsmiths and Woodworkers.

New crops for Farmers.

New Duo Skirmish mode-

By far the most exciting edition for me. I play with my wife and so far we have avoided skirmishes, other than the first tutorial, because we have had to either grab another group member, or split up and go solo. This has us really excited for the weekend and LOTRO!

Overall there are some great new features, including a new quest line. Keep in mind that all of this is free of charge, aside from your monthly fee that is. So get in there and enjoy!

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