Let’s Play Everquest II: Skulls and Cadavers

Everquest II came out in November of 2004. At that time I was playing Final Fantasy XI and pretty much hating life. I went directly from FFXI to World of Warcraft in November of 2004 without even looking twice at Everquest II (See what I did there?).

It really is a shame that I missed out on Everquest II the first time, or maybe it’s not and the game needed six years to improve, but I am going to correct that right now with this Let’s Play. I got the idea for doing a Let’s Play from Shamus over at Twenty Sided. If you enjoy my Let’s Play, or if you don’t, I highly encourage you to go read his Champions Online Let’s Play.

From here on out it will be important to remember that regular text, the type you are reading right now, is going to be in character, kind of.

Text inside a box like this is going to be out of character. I’ll use this to talk about bugs, odd game mechanics or something I really enjoyed.

It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would to download Everquest II, only a couple of hours for a full download, which is great. I loaded it up started browsing through the races. Of course I could go with typical fantasy mainstays like Dwarves or Elves but I could do that in practically any MMO. Troll would be interesting, definately not going fairy…BINGO! Ratonga!

It is probably important at this point to tell everyone that I have a massive thing for rat people in anything. If your game has rat people in it I will play your game, at least for a little while. So I guess the next question is what class I should pick.

I am Evil, not really by choice though. You see all Ratonga are evil and so, and since rat people are the only race anyone should ever pick, I am now evil. I might as well pick a class that is fittingly dark. Evil bard? Not for me. Druid? Not this time. Necromancer? Oh yeah, someone is getting a stiffy.

I mean a corpse…

More after the jump.

Meet Amuntoth the Necromancer! Tremble in fear!


Let’s see now, is it night? It’s so bright out here even when that dreaded Orb of Death goes down. Who was I supposed to report to again? I can’t remember, all these surface dweller named sound the same. I still cannot believe they sent me to the surface. You break one small thing and you’re banished for life! It’s not like he didn’t survive the accident.

I think that is the Surfacer over there.

“YOU THERE! In the silly hat! I demand an audience!”


Verex: “I am Verex N’Za, what do you want annoying little mage?”

“I require money for the purchasing of items to eat, or directions to a mushroom garden. Be snappy my good man I am in a hurry.

Verex: “You’re the new Ratonga they sent to support the camp right? We’ve got just the job for you. Step outside the gate and kill a few of the midget..I mean..smaller elementals. We need to clear them out a bit.”

“Fine, how will I find them?”

Verex: “…I mean RIGHT outside the gate. Seriously they are practically IN the gate. We really should have culled them before now but, well you can see how busy we are.”

He is either extremely stupid or scared out of his mind just from being in my presence. It really could go either way here. Well, before I set off to slaughter some elementals I better prepare. Now where is that Skeleton Reanimation spell I stole before I left? Ahh, here it is.


“RISE! RISE! Rise and destroy in the name of your unholy master!”


Wow that is…much smaller than I expected. What is this the skeleton of a child? Why would anyone make this spell, let alone leave it in a magically sealed scrollcase for anyone to just come along and steal?

I shall call him Squee, and he shall bring a small level of terror upon the local populace. I guess everyone needs to start somewhere.

Well, I guess he’s not getting any bigger here, we might as well get starte…

“Stop laughing Verex! You shall bring my terrible wrath down upon you! Come Squee we have dangerous elementals to destroy!”


Well, size isn’t everything. He may not be a very big elemental but he’s going down to the awesome might of me!


“Eat purple death non-fiend! HA!”

It takes me only moments to slaughter every elemental roaming the ‘wilderness’ directly next to the keep. I can understand not clearing the grass, no one wants to do that, but how do you let dozens of rocks stand up and start killing people without deciding it’s time to do some spring cleaning?

At least the easy part is over! Time to get a real mission and flex my awesome power!


“His terrible majesty has returned! I require more work!”

Verex: “Yeah…um…kill a couple of wolves. They are getting far too close to the walls, and there are a lot of them.”

“They shall fall before my might! Where are the poor canines?”

Verex: “Well, remember how you walked outside the gate and there were a bunch of elementals to the right? Yeah, well these are to the left.”

Well at least they are just wolves and not some power animating the earth itself. How difficult could this big?


“OH MY GOD SQUEE! IT’S HUGE! And it has TERRIBLE gingivitis!”


“Stab it in the face Squee! Stab it in the face!”

A few horrifying moments later and the mission is done. I should have stayed in the Underfoot. I traipse (see: flee) back to Verex for my rewards. They had better be worth it.


Verex: “How did the hunting go? That’s great…listen, remember those elementals you killed earlier? Yeah apparently those were children and their parents are calling for, and I quote: ‘The blood of the butcher, drained from the husk of it’s skin’. We were going to rally the guard, but technically you’re not even a citizen. I’d take care of that if I were you.”

“I hate you so much…”

(End of Part 1)

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