Let’s Play Everquest II: Skulls and Cadavers 2

When we last left out hero he was just informed that killing off dozens and small elementals has lead to several of the larger elementals getting angry. These larger elementals are conveniently twenty feet away in a cave. As luck would have it though there are several things that need to be done in the cave including: kill elementals, pick up rocks and kill some more elementals. I also found a wanted poster for Ithari K’Xyrae, some Dark Elf that apparently did something wrong. Who cares? It’s time for pustules and pain!


This is a rock elemental.


This is the same rock elemental. Here he has taken off his own arm and is beating me to death with it. Luckily the sound of my screaming is drown out by the horrible, wet crunchy sounds my face is making every time he hits me. At least no one can hear. I scrape through the fight and thankfully I feel like I have learned a lot from the encounter.

More after the jump.

DING! Level 3 and I have a new spell, Bloodcoil. You’ll see what it does in a bit.

I manage to take out the next couple of rock elementals much quicker, and with far less bleeding. I’ve also found a large stick. You would be surprised how much it is helping.


“Have at you! Eat stick rock thing!”


I continue to slaughter elementals and head deeper and deeper into the cave. I’m taking the time to study my kills, as a good Necromancer should, and learning a lot about Elementals. When I get out of here I think I might write a new spell, something to target these foul rock creatures.

I stayed in this cave until level 7, mainly hoping for an Undead Knight Adept summon tome, but also to finish out the elemental information quest. These quests allow you to study drops from a certain type of mob and when you have completed the quest they provide, you recieve an ability that is VERY damaging to the type of mob you were studying. I never got the Undead Knight book, but I did manage to score a few others, upgrading nearly all of my other abilities. It should also be noted that I did not HAVE to grind, I chose to, and it only took me fifteen minutes to do.

As I get deeper into the cave I hear what sounds like a surface woman’s voice. Creeping around the corner I run into…


“Ithari K’Xyrae! You shall die for whatever it was you might have done!”

I decide to try a new spell I’ve thought up. Let’s see how it goes.


It worked! Gave her boils and caused uncontrolled vomiting.


She’s still vomiting pustule spore things…I hope she stops soon otherwise…


OH MY GOD! Her head exploded! That is not how I planed to have things go. But that is extremely amazing, though I think the sight was lost on poor Squee. He doesn’t seem to get any of my jokes. Just a few more amazing looking kills and I’ll be done. Speaking of amazing looking kills.


Well, off to town to get paid. I’ve got some new gloves and I’ve been promised a few enchanted pieces of jewelry. I can already hear the screams of the innocent!


This is Danya Halfmoon. She’s the blacksmith I was gathering chunks of ore for in the elemental cave. She is (mostly) innocent, and I think I heard her scream with joy when I delivered the ore. Maybe. Quietly.

“So Danya, now that I have given you that ore, I was wondering if you knew where I was supposed to turn this in at?”

Danya: “Is that a woman’s head?”

“What? Oh yeah but it’s totally cool because she did something or other.”

Danya: “Right…then, then maybe the mayor?”

“Good call. While I am there I can hold this entire town ransom! You will pay me or I will put a pox on all of you! and your heads will explode!”


Alright so according to Mayor Do’Zyth the girl I killed MAY have defected, but she doesn’t think so. Also she is going to blame the elemental problem on her. I can see why she is mayor. I have decided to request a reward, lest I be blamed for the wolf problem.


I come away with this sweet hat. It’s ugly as sin, but it matches the rest of my outfit. She also tells me that since I am such a pansy (I think she meant such a terror) that she thought I was the only person that should (read: could) deal with a small problem they have been having. Ghosts.

“Miss Mayor I only have one question. Can ghosts vomit until their head explodes?”

Mayor Do’Zyth: …


Answer: Yes!

Several banished ghosts later it’s back to see the Mayor. She gives me a nice trinket and tells me that I have single handedly rescued the entire fort from utter doom. Also she said that I was on track to becoming High Lord Emperor of Everything, and as such I should head to T’Vatar Post and see what was going on there.

I am fairly certain she is in love with me. No time to sit around and find out though, I have a world to rule.


Goodbye loser town, hello Empire of Amuntoth!

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